This portfolio reflects the work I completed in ENGL 5366 Teaching Technical Communication, a course in Texas Tech University’s Technical Communication and Rhetoric PhD program.

ENGL 3342 is a technical communication course at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. The following materials are designed for a fully online, asynchronous course. The materials below demonstrate my competence as a curriculum designer, negotiate my local contexts and exigencies, and develop meaningful learning moments for students.
ENGL 3342 Syllabus
ENGL 3342 Course Calendar
ENGL 3342 Assignment Descriptions and Example Rubric

The collaborative report is a literature review of the last twenty-five years of scholarship from six top technical communication journals concerning linguistic literacy within the layered literacies pedagogical framework. The review argues for teaching  linguistic literacy within the context of the other layered literacies in order to help our students develop as sophisticated and flexible technical communicators. While this report is about linguistic literacy, it also bears witness to my linguistic proficiency, and ability to apply rhetorical, visual, critical and ethical literacies as well.

The following documents demonstrate my ability to (1) design and develop teaching materials, (2)  scaffold activities for students, (3) engage with a range of technical communication content and literacies, and (4) create professional and visually appealing documents.
Teaching Demonstration and Collaborative Report Proposal
Sample Lesson Plan
Slide Deck

Part of this course involved my observing another teacher instructing an ENGL 2311 Introduction to Technical Writing course at Texas Tech University. This document is my written observation of that course (the name of the instructor has been redacted to add a level of anonymity to this report). The observation is also an example of professionalism, as I had to observe, consider, and report in a way that was productive, instructive, and tactful.

This document helped me plan what this portfolio website would look like. Although only a hand-drawn schematic, this wireframe shows the ways I invent, revise, and execute a plan.